• By Megan

Velocity Vortex Kickoff

All ten i²r members were present today as we started the season strong with kickoff. We have been anticipating the announcement of Velocity Vortex for weeks and were extremely excited for the moment to finally come! Sayem from Tech Lions, his coach Mr. Spinka, and a few parents all joined us to watch kickoff.

i²r and Sayem with the new field!

Once the field was revealed, the team immediately began to brainstorm strategies for the challenge. We also collaborated with Sayem to come up with a few ideas for the Tech Lions! Overall, this was a great way to start the season, and launch the scoring app!

The scoring app in action!

In addition to kickoff, the team finalized and launched the scoring app during the week of September 12. New programming members on our team allowed us to release an Android version along with the IOS app! This app will help FTC teams around the world with scoring.