• By Megan

Back to Nexus Design

Today, two of our team members, Will and Luke, visited Nexus Design for the second time this year, along with one of our alumni, Peter Sauer. At Nexus, we laser cut both the side panels for our robot and cases for our new product, i²draw. Our side panels include engravings of our showcase sponsor, logo, team number, and a hexagonal pattern. We plan to edge light these on our robot so the LED light will shine through the engravings!

Will and Luke looking over the laser cutting at Nexus!

In addition to our side panels, we also cut cases for i²draw! First, we cut a prototype, which ended up being too small, but after we made a few adjustments, we cut 50 cases. We plan to release our new product tomorrow, Saturday, January 14!

Our product and the case we laser cut at Nexus!

As always, it was a great experience working with the engineers at Nexus Design! We thank them for this exceptional opportunity to improve the quality of our robot and our product.