• By Phoebe

Overview of Civil Engineering with Mr. Gikas

Today, our team met with civil engineer, Nick Gikas. He talked to us about the projects he encounters day to day, giving us a taste of what it is like to be a civil engineer. In comparison to other disciplines, civil engineering is not as closely related to robotics, so it was great to hear about this exciting field.

The team with Mr. Gikas

He told us about several projects he had been working on from converting the EZ pass system on the Triborough Bridge to adding lights to many of the major bridges in New York City. It was amazing to hear about work on such a large scale since we are always working within an 18in cube. It was especially cool to see so many of the principles we learn through robotics translate to the work he is doing. Mr. Gikas showed us CAD drawings they had used on projects, and talked to us about how like in robotics each project has a set of criteria they must follow.

Mr. Gikas showing the team the CAD drawing plans for projects he had done.

On the surface the idea of bridges and tunnels could seem lackluster, but the idea that hundreds of thousands of people will benefit from his work everyday is incredible. A huge thank you to Mr. Gikas for this amazing introduction to the world of civil engineering!