• By Phoebe

Meeting with Bassick Tech Lions

We met with the Tech Lions today to help them prepare for their upcoming CT Qualifier. Since the most of their team including their mentor is new to the program, we went over the FIRST competition and award process. We worked on finding solutions to problems they had faced at their last competition.

The Tech Lions with i2robotics

Molly and Megan talked with Ms. Beecher about the judges presentation process. The rest of the team went to work on the robot. The beacons can result in a 40 point swing at the end of a match, so that was the first priority for their robot. We worked on the drive train was since it will help them in hitting the beacons.

At the Gator Bowl Qualifier they had also lost a lot of points from a particle from an opposing alliance getting stuck in their robot. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, the Tech Lions worked on creating a system to deflect particles.

Luke working with Viselli to create the particle protector

The Tech Lions left the meeting well prepared for their upcoming competition. It was great to work with them again. We all love FIRST so much, and it is amazing to be able to share the experience with them.