• By Phoebe

Mechanical Design Review with Mr. Cotton

Today the team met with Eric Cotton, a mechanical engineer who formerly worked at Sikorsky, and now is working at Dark Field technologies. Mr. Cotton guided us through a brainstorming session on how to continue to improve the efficiency of the robot.

The team brainstorming with Mr. Cotton

We first showed Mr. Cotton the Velocity Vortex Challenge and robot design. He is a FRC mentor so he was familiar with the some of the challenges of using a double flywheel from last year’s challenge Stronghold.

The team then showed him the Cap Ball lift. Mr. Cotton really helped us to flush out as many ideas as possible as we talked about ways to improve the speed. He talked to us about possibly doing a tolerance stack up of our rev slides to find those that would be ideal in reducing friction.

It was a lot of fun to talk to him, and hear his ideas of how to apply tests used in industry to make our robot better. Hopefully this meeting will help us do our final touches before Super Regionals!