• By Phoebe

Super Regionals

Our season came to a close after an exciting and tough weekend at Super Regionals. It was great to connect and learn from the other teams. Being part of such a big competition was so much fun!

The team on the first day of Supers

We took a big risk going into Supers with a completely new auto-aiming turret. We added a Pixy camera and programmed it to track the center vortex. We felt it was worth it not only because it would help our shooting accuracy, but also because it was such a cool and challenging design. Unfortunately we weren’t able to use it to full effect, as static issues plagued us all day.

alt [Orion competing on the field with the Pixie Camera up]

One of the best parts of Super Regionals was reconnecting with all the teams we had met at past competitions and meeting new teams that we had only seen sneak peeks of on social media. We even got the chance to have a dinner with all four of the Connecticut teams that we had been with since the beginning of the season.

alt [All the CT teams in the stands]

The season may be over, but the lessons we have learned through robotics will stick with us in whatever we pursue next. We were able to help local teams in Connecticut, and FIRST LEGO League teams in Haiti. We wish good luck to all the teams who are moving on to Worlds!!