• By Elaine

Our Name

Many people have been wondering what "i²robotics" is-- How do you say it? What does it mean? Where did it come from?

In electrical engineering and electronics, power is calculated with the formula p=i²r. p is power, i is current, and r is resistance.

Near the beginning of the season, when we were brainstorming ways to rebrand the team (previously Minuteman Robotics), members agreed the positive connotation of power could be incorporated into a new name.

Power has many different meanings, but these specific ones spoke out to us:

  1. The ability or capacity to perform or act effectively
  2. The capacity of a system or machine to operate
  3. A person, group, or nation having great influence over others

We found these definitions fully applied to our purpose and goals as an FTC team-- this is how i²robotics was created.

The i²r in our logos is bolded to place emphasis on the formula for power. Thus, when read aloud, it is "i squared r robotics".

I hope this helps those curious about our team. Feel free to submit questions or comments and members will be happy to respond!