• By Alex S

Bridgeport Discovery Museum

alt text On Tuesday, March 4th, part of the team took a trip to the Discovery Museum to visit middle school students in a STEM program. We brought our presentation board and robot, and demoed for everyone. We explained how the game worked, including the field set up, how points are scored, and the importance of Gracious Professionalism. We wanted to be clear that this was friendly competition, and the goal was not to destroy the opponent's robot or use malicious tactics to win, but to cooperate with alliance partners, and help other teams when in need. Also, we talked about what we do during meetings, including the importance of keeping record in an engineering notebook, communicating and coordinating with one another, and building the robot. Finally, we drove the robot around, and showed everyone all of its abilities, including scoring blocks, lifting on the bar, and raising the flag. We generated a lot of interest in the robotics programs, and one of the students even asked "Where can I sign up?" We informed them about FLL, the program for younger children interested in STEM and robotics.