• By Alex S

Super Regionals!

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On April 3rd-5th, we attended the first ever East Super Regional! It was hosted in York, Pennsylvania. 72 teams attended, and were broken up into two divisions of 36, Tesla and Hopper. We were part of Tesla. On the first day, we set up our pits and had our judging session. Most of the day was spent traveling, and by the end we were very tired. Our second day consisted of the qualifying matches. Each team had 8 total. Our first match was a tie, 303-303. This was our first tie, and the first one we had seen at any of the 6 previous competitions we have attended this season. After that, we were mostly successful, ending up with 5 wins and 2 losses. This put us in 8th place at the end of the qualifying matches. The team feels we could have done better, because we had a few simple mistakes that cost us the matches. On the third day, we were picked by the 4th place alliance, team 6051, Quantum Mechanics along with team 365, MOE. In the semifinals, we lost two out of our three matches, meaning we were out for the rest of the competition. We were nominated for the PTC Design Award for robot design. Overall, the event was fantastic, and the most exciting one we have been to by far. We learned a lot and cannot wait for worlds!