• By Alex S

Kickoff event

On the day the challenge was revealed, the team attended an FTC Kickoff event held at Greens Farms Academy! We were joined by many other local teams, including: 577 Wrecker Robotics, 4286 Dragonoids, 5017 RoboEpic, 5873 Dragon Terminators, 7028 Flaming Marshmallows, and 8699 The League of Extraordinary Roboticists. img Evan Barnet hosted a video conference with other Connecticut FTC team, giving information and advice for new teams, as well as recent FTC news. Sadly, he revealed that next season, Connecticut will only be able to send two teams (instead of three) to the Super Regionals unless we have a total of 40 teams registered. As of now, we only have something in the mid 30s, so spread the word about FTC! https://i.imgur.com/ajYcYX2l.jpg Evan also had two full field setup kits, and all the teams worked together to assemble them. It was a great bonding experience, and all teams present got to know each other much better. We discussed strategy as well as potential workshop sessions in the future, where we can share ideas and test our robots. https://i.imgur.com/USFGWPcl.jpg