• By Luke S

Mentoring FLL Team MindCraft

On November 2nd, three members of the team went to mentor MindCraft, a FLL team located in Westport. The team was made up from students of Coleytown Elementary School. We helped them come up with a problem to solve for their research project and help out with their programing. We talked with them about different learning styles (kinesthetic, auditory, and visual) and how different types of lessons maybe more affective for one style than another. We passed on our knowledge of the project portion of FLL and advised them on what makes a good problem statement. We were able to help them decide which missions would be the best to attempt based on our previous experience. This prioritization should help them speed up their progress and help them prepare for their first competition. We felt that we were successful in helping this team expand their knowledge and improve.

Leading discussion on ”Education” Research Project
Advising Team MindCraft on game strategy and problem solving