• By Alex S

New Jersey Qualifier: RoboCAT-astrophe

We started off the day bright and early, setting up the pit and beginning inspections. Several teams were impressed by our display board, banner, and edge lit acrylic panel. After that, we had judging, where we shared the features and capabilities of our robot along with out outreach. For the rest of the day, we ran matches. Our robot "Kratos" and our drivers gave a great performance.

Julian and Peter driving "Kratos" up the ramp
Julia and Peter driving "Kratos" up the ramp
Our matches went great, and we did not lose a single one! By the end of the day, we were Captain of the Winning of Alliance. Our partners were the Lancers and Code Runners. We were also the Control Award Runner Up, Inspire Award 2nd place, and received the Rockwell Collins Innovate award!
The team receiving an award
The team receiving an award
The day was a great success. We were able to interacts with judges and other teams, several of which were interested in our unusual design.