• By Alex S

Volunteering at the Shelton FLL Qualifier

Six of our team members went to Shelton High School to volunteer at the Shelton FLL Qualifier. We were technical judges, event helpers, and video technicians. We brought along our robot, balls, and a rolling goal. We demoed our robot to show FLL teams what was in store for them at the next level of FIRST. The technical judges on our team were tasked with inspecting robots and programming, and scoring them in three categories: robot design, programming, and strategy.

Luke judging an FLL team
Luke, a technical judge assessing a FLL team
The video technician recorded each match with a camera to be displayed on a larger screen, so people in the stands could see what was happening.
Alex working as video technician
Alex working as video technician
At the end of the day, the judges stood in line to hand out awards and congratulate teams on their performance.
Team members handing out awards
Team members handing out awards
The two teams we had mentored were both at the event, and had a great time. As competitors in FIRST ourselves, it was an interesting opportunity to see competition from the judges' point of view.

Also, the night before the event, FLL Team SNAP gave a demonstration of their presentation. We gave them feedback on time limit and organization, as well as an explanation of what the even would be like.

Team members with SNAP
Our team posing with members from SNAP