• By Alex S

Bionic Brouhaha II; The Second One

On January 10th, the team took a trip to Somers, NY for the Bionic Brouhaha II NY Qualifier. We started off the day setting up our pit. We put up our banner, display boards, edge lit panel, business cards, and of course, Kratos.

After setup and inspection, we had our judging session. Our presentation practice during past meetings had paid off, and our session went off without a hitch. We were able to go through our entire script and still have time for several questions. After the session, judges also stopped in our pit throughout the day. They were particularly interested in our fundraising for Haiti, the scrimmage, and some of our robot's mechanisms.

Our matches also went well. In our best game, we scored over 330 points (the best score of the day). At one point we were able to completely fill a 90 cm tube! We had a few small issues, but the team was ready and able to fix them all quickly. We ended the day with a record of 3-2, putting us in 9th place. We were selected as the first alliance partner by the 1st place team, Team 28 "PolyGnomes". Our other alliance partner was Team 7487, "Super 7". We were the winning Alliance for the day.

The event was a huge success, and the team was honored to be chosen to earn the 1st place Inspire Award! We were also First Selection for the Winning Alliance, and finalists for the Think and Control Awards. We thank the Bionic Gaels for hosting such a great event, and hope to attend next year as well!