• By Alex S

Connecticut Qualifier

On Sunday, February 22, we attended our first Connecticut event for this season, hosted by team 5017 RoboEpic! Overall, it was a great success. A storm was coming, so there was a big focus on getting everyone home in a timely manner. Matches ran smoothly and quickly all day with no wasted moment. The judges we spoke to were all friendly and knowledgeable, and some of the best we have encountered at any event. It was also nice to be able to meet our fellow Connecticut teams, since we haven't seen many of them since last season. This competition was the first time our secondary drivers (Luke and Ken) were able to drive in an official event! All their practice has clearly paid off, since they went undefeated in every match they played.

Sadly, the event was cut short by bad weather, and the semi-final and final matches became 1 round eliminations. Even with the poor conditions, it was a great, and we would like to thank Doug and Gail for hosting such an awesome event! We would also like to thank all the volunteers for the time and effort they put in to making everything run smoothly. One of the members of RoboEpic even served as an announcer for matches:

These were our final award standings:

  • Inspire Award Winner
  • Captain of Winning Alliance
  • Innovate Award Finalist
  • Think Award Finalist
  • Control Award Finalist