• By Alex S

Connecticut State Championship

Today, our team had a fantastic competition at the Connecticut Championship held at Greens Farms Academy. We started off the day with our presentation which went off without a hitch. We had excellent judges who were knowledgeable, and had backgrounds in engineering. Next, we did our usual scouting of all the teams present. Today, we were able to complete scouting for all teams before qualifying matches began, which made things much easier later in the day.

After that, we began our matches. Most went well, but we did face a few challenges. The team was quick to respond, and fixed them all before we got back on the field.


  • Inspire Award Winner
  • Captain of Winning Alliance
  • Finalist, Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
  • Finalist, Control Award

On multiple occasions, we were able to fill both the 60 cm and 90 cm rolling goals in one match!

Westport's First Selectman Jim Marpe was also at the event. He gave a speech during the opening ceremony, and expressed his excitement for spectating FTC events. We were able to talk to him about robotics and non-robotics related topics later on, and he was very gracious.

Our very own Peter Sauer was honored to be chosen as a Dean's List Finalist for the state of Connecticut along with Phoebe Spear (of Wrecker Robotics).