• By Alex S

East Super Regional!

From March 19th to the 21st, the team took a trip to Scranton, PA for the highly anticipated East Super-Regional!

The team gathered in pit
The team in the newly designed pit

Day 1 - March 19th

It was a 3 hour drive from Westport to Scranton, so we left bright and early in the morning. We arrived about half an hour before the pits opened, and had time to eat lunch. We designed a brand new pit for this competition. It featured our new and improved banner and our Inspire Awards from Hudson Valley (from Block Party season) and Connecticut (from Cascade Effect season). It looked fantastic, and was a real eye-catcher.

After setup, we began scouting. With the whole team (drivers included) scouting, we were able to gather information on all 36 teams in our division in less than an hour. At this high level of competition, there were some seriously impressive robots present!

Scouting team TBD
Peter scouting team To Be Determined (who were in 1st place after qualification rounds)

Then, we moved on to our judging session. The 20 minute time block allowed us to speak slowly and clearly, and answer plenty of questions. Our judges were friendly and knowledgeable, and even stopped by our pits later in the day to gather more information.

Kratos filling up a rolling goal
Kratos at work, filling the 90 cm rolling goal

Day 2 - March 20th

This was the first day for qualification matches. We were scheduled to play a total of 9 matches that day. We had a few issues, both on our end with the robot, and with the field itself. The entire day was very difficult for us, and we ended the day's qualification rounds with 2 wins and 6 losses.

Also, we were paired with Lancers and The Evil Purple Socks in different matches. We used our lights to create the "Green Alliance" and the "Purple Alliance":

The Green Alliance
The Green Alliance, with Lancers

The Purple Alliance
The Purple Alliance, with The Evil Purple Socks

Kiran also volunteered as a field resetter, and was helping keep things running smoothly and quickly between matches.

Kiran in his volunteer uniform
Kiran in his volunteer uniform

After matches, we were still able to connect with other teams. We went out to dinner with Team 3415 Lancers to "Kildare's Pub", and stopped in Team 5017 RoboEpic's room (they were in the same hotel as us) to play card games.

Day 3 - March 21st

We played our last qualification match first thing in the morning. It went well (no robot or field related issues), and we were able to win with a score over 500 points. We were very fortunate to be picked by the RoboPandas, the 4th captain. Our alliance competed in the division semi-finals but were eliminated, which marked our end of the robot competition.

After a brief dance break, we moved on to the awards ceremony. Our team received the following:


  • First Selection Semi-Finalist Alliance
  • PTC Design Award Finalist
  • Promote Award Finalist

Our 2nd place PTC Design Award is what qualified us for Worlds. We are incredibly proud of Ken's work on the Promote video, and he was honored to have it receive a nomination at such a high level competition.

Also, Woodie Flowers was at the event, and walked around the pits. We talked with him, and he signed our robot!

The team signing Woodie Flowers' shirt
We also signed Woodie Flowers' shirt, and he signed ours!

We would like to thank our hosts, the University of Scranton, and all the volunteers (judges, referees, and all) for the time they gave for the competition.

Jack Kentfield and a head ref
Volunteers like Jack Kentfield (announcer, left) and referees play a pivotal role in the success of the event