• By Alex S

Worlds - Day 1

Pit set up
Julia and Luke with our fully assembled pit

Today was our first day of competition! We arrived yesterday afternoon and ate dinner at Bailey's Range, and had some excellent burgers. Today, we began by setting up our pit. We had to make some slight modifications to fit the smaller dimensions, but we still have room for everything we need.

Team in judging
The team in the final judging session of the season

After that, we had out final presentation of the season, in our judging session. It went extremely well, and our judges were knowledgeable and friendly.

Julian scouting another team

Next, we moved on scouting. There are 64 teams in our division, so we had our work cut out for us. Every team member was assigned several teams to approach, and we managed to finish scouting about 50 teams today, and will complete the rest tomorrow. It was great to meet a lot of old friends and teams from our region, as well as many new ones! Every robot we have seen today has been exceedingly capable, and cannot wait to see them all in action.

In addition, it has been awesome to see the international teams and their robots. Although the language barrier can be a challenge for alliance partners, the FIRST community is so talented that they were able to quickly assemble a list of people who could help with translating.

A whiteboard full of volunteer translators from different teams

Once the match list was released, we found out that we had 2 matches today, 6 and 22. So far, we are off to a great start. We won both of our matches, placing us in 2nd by the end of matches today, with over 900 RP. The score of our first match was a very close 494 - 473, and out second was 634-509. We had no major technical issues during any of our matches (a huge improvement over Super Regionals)!

Kratos after a match
Kratos and our drivers after a match

We were also extremely happy to see that one of our favorite people, Jack Kentfield (Jack in the Hat), was at Worlds!

Julia, Jack, and Luke smiling for the camera!

We ended our day with calzones at Sauce on the Side, a restaurant we went to multiple times last year.