• By Alex S

Worlds - Day 2

On our second day of the event, we continued with our qualification matches. We had a total of two. In our first match of the day we experienced some difficulties grabbing the rolling goals as both kickstands fell on to Kratos' grabbing mechanism. Although we were able to eventually grab onto the 90 cm rolling goal and fill it mostly up, we fell short from getting the victory. Our second match was another loss. We did, however, get the opportunity to talk to and learn about our alliance partner, so7en, from China.

Our team with so7en

Throughout the day we also had the chance to talk to judges who came by our pits during several waves. We talked to them about our robot, our team, and our outreach, and answered any questions that they had.

Peter explaining to the judges (by using our spare popper) how the popper mechanism works

Before the day was over, another team organized a big group photo with all the teams who had won Inspire awards at a state or regional level. All the bright yellow Inspire banners so close together was quite a sight to see!


Pits closed early, so we packed up at 1 pm. and visited the Innovation Faire. We went through college row to check out the scholarships and different programs the schools were offering. There were also tons of cool booths for companies (Boeing, Nvidia, SpaceX, Lego, and more), and they gave information and goodies.

One of the goodies we got from the faire was Energizer bunny ears!

After that, we ate an excellent early dinner from Bailey's at Rooster. It was great to talk to and eat dinner with Team SNAP, the FLL team that we mentor (and the team which many of our members are alumni of).

Our team and Team SNAP eating delicious burgers!

We had to eat early to get to the Dome in time for the official opening ceremonies. There was a hugely impressive number of teams present, and the sections in front of the stage were packed. While waiting for the ceremony to begin, people began tossing paper airplanes from the stands. It stated off with just a few at first, but quickly snowballed. There must have been at least a few hundred thrown. The crowds went wild when one of the planes managed to glide all the way from the stands, across the field, and hit the curtain in the center (concealing the center stage). In the actual ceremony, there was a musical performance, followed by guest speakers from FIRST sponsors. It was a very energetic and fun ceremony to watch!

In addition, Peter and Phoebe Spear from Westport were in a group of 101 Deans List candidates down on the stadium floor, as the ten Deans List winners were announced at the ceremony. Although, sadly, neither of them won, they still had a great time participating in and watching the ceremony.

Opening ceremony in the Dome
Opening ceremony in The Dome